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Our Proposal and Who it Will Benefit 



Create a DESIGN GUIDE which allows property owners to renovate the properties to allow open views through to the canal.

To the front:

  • Uniform signage restored to proportions to suit the shopfront

  • New open glazed frontage to allow a more active atmosphere

  • Highlighting the traditional dividing pilasters in white to frame the shop units - rather than the present situation whereby they are painted halfway in different storefront colours

To the rear:

  • Less formal than the frontage, allowing owners to introduce large glazed openings to suit the nature and function of their spaces

  • Promote openings to the canalside - to allow interaction between canalboat owners and businesses

  • Promote the conversion of residential ground floor units back into commercial to retail use



A new COMMUNITY BUILDING which addresses the conditions:

  • The blank end wall to the western end of Canal Terrace is blunt and unsightly

  • The new community building serves to establish a dialogue between canal, park, terrace and road

  • The building is to be a flexible space for the local community to use

Possible hire uses for the community building:

  • Educational Classes: book club, computer classes, gardening etc. 

  • Fitness and Wellbeing Classes: Yoga, Tai Chi etc.

  • Celebration activities: Parties, Gatherings etc.



The key focus is to allow both the community and boaters to better utilise and enjoy using the park by creating memorable experiences. This could be achieved by:

  • Removing the railings to the canal and creating five new canal boat moorings

  • Forming a small pontoon which would create a flexible plaza space in front of the library for public event

  • Extending the language of the new community building and allowing it to flow through into the park, to create a sense of continuity

  • Lighting the canal edge and uplighting the trees to enliven the space in the evenings 

  • Introduce street furniture for people to pause and enjoy to park and canal

  • Inclusive design to integrate ramps so that everyone can access the park




We believe that the introduction of a new footbridge to connect Fifth Avenue and Adela Street would be hugely beneficial to the communities on both sides of the canal and alleviate the congestion at Ha'Penny Steps.

We envisage the new bridge to be a lightweight, timber  footbridge.


We support the retention of The Flora as a Public House and believe that it can be integrated and share the success of both Canal Terrace and the park.


If the pub garden were to be open to both the canal and the park, this would help filter people in and out of the establishment. 

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