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Queen's Park Estate

In 1874, the Artisans, Labourers & General Dwellings Company purchased four parcels of land from the parish due to the proximity of the London North Western Railway. The site was developed with over 2,000 gothic revival cottages built. Canal Terrace was built at this time to accommodate shops to serve the new community.

1880s queens park.jpg
295 1874 Queen's Park Development


The Parish of St Luke Chelsea

The site of Canal Terrace was originally a strip of open land located to the north of Kensal New Town. The site was bounded to the south by the Grand Union Canal and Harrow Road. To the north were openfields in an area that was known as the parish of St Luke Chelsea.

1800s queens park.jpg
295 1870 Parish Axo.jpg

1970s - Present


The western end of Canal Terrace and part of the Queen’s Park Estate were demolished in the 1970s as part of the redevelopment of this section of Harrow Road. This included the construction of new social housing blocks. The cleared portion of Canal Terrace was converted into a narrow park known as Harrow Road Open Space.

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Neighbourhoods around Canal Terrace 

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